Take Back Your Power

Encouragement for everyone

TBYP The label was established in 2007 by Troy Easton from Brisbane Australia.
The concept behind the label is to encourage you to take back your power.

How often have you given away your options?
How often have you allowed someone else to tell you what to do, how to think, how to behave and how to feel?

We all have an amazing potential stored within us and it is your right to use it, to create the life you deserve. The label is designed to provoke thought within people like you who will move to action. Your thoughts stimulate your actions, and your actions produce the results, the things you want. Energy flows were attention goes. Your destiny is in your control. I dare you to work on yourself and gain the tools for life.

Once you have the tools you can then go about designing a life that is everything you ever imagined it to be. Take a chance on you, but above all else TAKE BACK YOUR POWER